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The Buffalo


Why do we love the Buffalo?
When storms can be seen coming over the mountains the Buffalo chooses to run towards the mountains and into the storm. In doing so the Buffalo runs through the storm and endures less suffering and discomfort that the storm brings. 
When storms can be seen coming over the mountains Cattle choose to run in the opposite direction, away from the storm. The storm eventually overtakes the Cattle and stays with them as they continue to try outrunning it. This means the Cattle endure more time suffering and being uncomfortable.
In life we face storms just about every day. Storms are inevitable. Storms are relentless. Storms can be light and they can be severe. How we choose to face our storms decides how long we will endure the discomfort storms bring. Face the storm head on. Run into the storm, not away from it. Be the Buffalo.
Part of every sale of a Buffalo apparel item from Thank You For My Fitness will be donated to a mental health organization. Keep an eye on our How We Give Back page to see what organizations we are currently donating to.